How to print a gift voucher?

Mar 14, 2017

Did you ask for it? We did it! The Vakario team has been working on this feature that many of you have been waiting for, and it's coming to your YoSchool.

Printable Gift Certificates: an update that will please your customers

They will be sent automatically to your customers when they order from the widget and you can send or print them from within YoSchool.

For this a simple setting is necessary, so follow the guide!

Insert your own gift voucher design

Please send us your "home-made" visual by e-mail to The visual must be in jpg format, size 21 by 29.7 and adapted to be folded in 3 equal parts. The central part will be covered with white to show the text on top.

In the meantime, the gift voucher set up is the one you see below:

Setting up gift vouchers

Step 1: In YoSchool, click on "Settings"; "Multilingual email and PDF texts".

Step 2: Create a 'new' text

Step 3: In text type, choose "Gift voucher" and set the text that will be in the centre of your gift voucher. Don't forget to enter YOUR COMPANY NAME here, especially if you have not created a visual in your own colours. Otherwise it will not be mentioned!

Your gift voucher is set up! It will be automatically attached to the invoice for customers who order directly on the widget.

Send gift certificates by email from YoSchool

Create a second 'new' text

Step 4: In text type, choose "Gift certificate email" and set the text that will be in the email attached to your gift certificate.

Step 5: In the customer account, find the buyer of the gift voucher, select the gift voucher and click on "Print / Send Gift Voucher".

Your gift voucher is ready to be sent!

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