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What our customers think of us  

"Great tool"

Easy to use. Quick and easy to manage reservations and sales. Simple and practical access also for our team of professionals. I recommend Yoplanning without hesitation.

"Responsive support team".

Easy to use and super intuitive design. The support team is very attentive, we feel well accompanied during the implementation of the software.

"Quick to get started"

Overall, I am very satisfied with my experience with YoPlanning. This application has allowed me to save time and efficiency in the management of my team's schedule. When I have a problem, the after-sales service is efficient and fast. We have an annual debriefing with the YoPlanning team, which allows us to explain our needs.

"An all-in-one solution, accessible to all"

Yoplanning is, like the company that developed it, in constant evolution. The application has become intuitive and efficient over time. Setting up the parameters obviously requires time, but once this is done, the automation process during an online sale, for example, becomes child's play and a real time-saver!

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Guillaume K

"99% satisfied"

A solution adapted to manage a paragliding school schedule or similar. A software in evolution since years. Updates are regularly proposed with improvements or new features. Reactivity of the customer service, which generally takes into account the remarks which one makes. The price is very correct.

"Le couteau Suisse des logiciels de gestion de planning. Il sait tout faire, simplement»

Its simplicity of use and its ease of use. Its agility and power, its integration with our website to set up online sales and its possibility of selling on "marketplaces". The management of the estimates transformable into invoices and their sending to the customers integrated and automated with the tickets, the precise place and schedules of rdv. The management of the standardized cash register, the very rare faculty to manage the fees of the guides who frame our activities, in agreement with our statutes.

"J'utilise Yoplanning depuis maintenant 1 an, j'en suis ravi»

Une équipe à l'écoute, qui prend le temps de répondre aux mails avec des explications claires. Un système de vidéo qui permet de prendre l'outil en main et surtout une équipe qui fait évoluer le système constamment avec des nouveautés. N'hésitez pas à utiliser leur logiciel, de plus il est intégrable de pleins de façon différente sur vos sites.

"Le meilleur logiciel sur le marché tout simplement»

7 ans d'utilisation au sein de notre base Sessionraft à Passy, toujours de constantes nouvelles fonctions qui positionnent yoplanning aujourd'hui à mon avis comme le meilleur logiciel sur le marché. Sans rentrer dans les détails, demander une sympathique démo avec leur équipe.

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Fabrice P

"Une solution géniale et pas cher»

Une solution facile à apprendre et à utiliser 100% adapté aux activités outdoor. Une équipe sympathique à taille humaine et si vous avez besoin, l'équipe est toujours à votre disposition pour améliorer leur logiciel

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