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Yoplanning reinvents the rules of the tourism industry

Yoplanning a powerful tool

Yoplanning allows any type of structure to plan and sell its activities. No more tedious chores, no more Excel spreadsheets and no more missed appointments: Yoplanning automates your processes and helps you to rationalise your activity thanks to powerful decision-making algorithms based on artificial intelligence.

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The tools

The database and algorithms used by Yoplanning are robust tools that offer a large number of integration possibilities. But that's not all: the tools that revolve around Yoplanning are also very useful: multi-solution payment platform, advanced statistics, google calendar synchronisation, broadcast channel, etc.

The good news is that a simple and intuitive REST API is available to take full advantage of the power of the Yoplanning ecosystem!  

Integrating with Yoplanning

Whatever your use case, you will find an answer with Yoplanning APIs. Do you want to feed a CRM? Synchronise your system with Yoplanning? Manage the addition of activities in an automated way? Retrieve statistical data? Sell activities online on your site?

All this is possible and much more thanks to an elegant and modern REST API implementing functionalities such as webhooks, pagination, filtering, or expanding for an ever simpler and more fluid integration.

The Yoplanning API and its documentation allow you to access the most powerful features of the Yoplanning ecosystem with only a few lines of code.

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