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Getting started with online sales

One software to centralise your offer, requests and bookings. Online sales allow you to reach your customers in an automated way, at any time and wherever they are.

You can think of the online sales functionality as a pocket assistant or virtual secretariat that will handle your bookings, payments, invoices, etc.

Selling online does not simply mean that a customer buys on your website with their credit card. What we mean today by "selling online" is all the bookings made without your intervention.

If I make a non-exhaustive list, it is, of course, your website, the website of one of your partners, the local campsite or hotel that sells to you, the tourist office, and any specialised platforms.

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Manage your resellers easily and develop an automation of registrations.
For example, you can give a local host access to register a customer in your activities.

Attract the right customers

Structure your offer and organise your products so that they are easily bookable online.

- Short and precise product description
- Quality image
- Simple and understandable prices
- Pre-set time models

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The secret of simplicity

The secret of a successful online sale is that the customer can instantly see your real availability and the possibility of projecting himself in your activity. It is therefore necessary to have a simplified presentation and a product that can be bought in a few clicks.

Stay in control

Stay in control: you choose what is offered in the booking module

Planning management

The online booking module must be connected to your field schedule.
Stay up to date: the availabilities displayed adapt in real time to your schedule.

Automation of administrative tasks

Let the IT system manage the administrative data entry for you, send confirmation emails, send invoices, manage automatic reminders, manage reimbursements, etc.

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"I am a ski and sailing instructor and a computer engineer by training with a strong interest in entrepreneurship. As a former ski school director, I felt the need to create what would later become Yoplanning.

Thanks to these years of experience and the many clients who have placed their trust in us, we have become a team of recognised experts in the management of outdoor sports structures, in terms of planning, sales, accounting, administration and digitalisation.

David GRANDADAM, CEO Yoplanning

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