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Jun 18, 2018

Among all the plugins and tools that can be integrated on a WordPress site, it is sometimes difficult to find your way. So we made a list of our favourites, our little darlings. They are available for free, but sometimes you have to pay for them if you want more advanced features.

1 - Yoast: your SEO friend

In the free version, Yoast allows you to define a keyword per page. It then gives you very useful tips to improve the referencing of this famous keyword! (Does it appear enough in the text, does it appear in a title...)

You can also set up your page to be displayed on Google and on social networks. Just type in the title of your page and a quick message that makes you want to click and that's it!

Good SEO advice and easy to follow directions. What more could you ask for?

2 - Contact Form 7 and Flamingo: the two companions of the contact form

Contact Form 7 allows you to create an infinite number of contact forms, all fully customisable. You'll have to get your hands dirty with some CSS, but I promise it's not as complicated as it sounds.

Flamingo saves the emails and comments sent to you from your site. No more lost emails thanks to this tool that stores everything directly on your back-office.

We've made a fun form to show you how it works: Example Contact Form 7.

3 - Google analytics: yes, it also exists as a plugin

Do we really need to introduce you to google analytics? This tool allows you to track your visitors and their behaviour. It allows you to keep an eye on your website in order to refine your content.

The Google analytics plugin for WordPress allows you to add a small, highly visual and customizable graph to your WordPress dashboard. However, you may need a little help from a webmaster.

An essential reminder to those who forget to check their traffic on analytics.

4 - a3 Lazy Load: the site accelerator

This tool is especially for those who have a lot of beautiful photos to show on their website. Unfortunately, all these photos slow down your site. This is because your browser loads all your photos when it arrives on your page. Even the one at the bottom that the user will not see right away.

Lazy load will "prevent" images from loading early, allowing your page to load much faster!

Give your pages a boost!


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