Why integrate online booking on your website?

Jan 24, 2018

Your colleagues advise you to book online. Your competitors use it but you don't see the point? Let's bet we can convince you!

Don't frustrate your customer

Today's consumers want a quick, immediate response. And make no mistake: businesses will do the same. Used to drive-throughs, online shopping, online taxes, online dentists, your customer has no time to lose. He goes online to look for a birthday present for his mother-in-law. By the time his doctor arrives, he has already chosen and paid for a trip far, far away for his mother-in-law.

His time is precious!


Take reservations while snoozing

And yes. Your website does not sleep. Whether you are in bed, with clients or at the bakery, your website is there: it takes reservations for you. You can sleep soundly. Most of the web traffic happens after 6pm. In other words, when you no longer pick up the phone.
It doesn't matter: your website is there. He really is a nice guy!

Let the schedule fill itself!

Do your cash flow some good

A client calls you, books you, great. However, when it's time for the appointment, you wait... and wait... Because of the weather / not in the mood / alien abduction, your client has decided not to show up. The rude one. And you have lost time and money.
With online booking, your customer has already paid. Whether he comes or not, you have collected. And in advance too!

Your banker will be happy.

Focus on higher value-added tasks

All the time you spend taking bookings, calling back customers, managing deposits... Think about it. How much time does it take you per week? 3 hours? 3 hours 30? More?
Imagine that this time is spent on your business, the one that actually makes you money.

Less time on the phone, more time with your customers!

Give a modern image of your structure

By adding online sales, you modernise your website and make it current. It makes you more credible in the eyes of your customers and allows you to reach young, dynamic and connected visitors.
For all these reasons, your competitors are offering or will soon offer online booking. Be a leader, not a follower.

The future is online, don't miss the train!


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