The choice of an online booking software for a ski school

Feb 12, 2020

The digital transformation is affecting all economies but there is still resistance and some sectors are a little slower to relax. The mountain industry is well known for not being the most innovative in terms of technology. This observation is all the more reinforced when we dive into the world of of ski schools. Today, a majority of ski schools have not started their digital shift. Fortunately, some start-ups have taken up the challenge of transforming ski schools by offering them a new way of learning. 100% ski school software.

So how do you choose a good ski school software?

What is the purpose of ski school software?

Over the past 15 years, the arrival of the web has transformed consumer shopping habits. At the beginning of the century, banking transactions were carried out in person, and consumers had to physically go to the shop. Today, we have moved to a completely dematerialised consumption (banking transactions, online reservations, sending emails, etc.).

Consequently, the web is becoming an indispensable tool for addressing consumers who are increasingly connected. It is therefore in the interest of companies in the mountain sector to focus on a digital and e-commerce strategy. Ski schools will not escape the digital shift in the industry.

Just as in the corporate world, ski schools need to equip themselves with technological tools in order to respond to online consumption habits. In fact, to attract more consumers, build skier loyalty and encourage young people to come and ski, it is essential that the schools have an online presence. This presence is ensured by the use of a ski school software which will allow, for example, to offer online booking of lessons.

What are the advantages of a ski school software?

The aim is to help you in the digital transformation of your ski school. It must be said that digital technology has proven its worth when it comes to transforming a sector of the economy. There are a lot of price comparison sites and destinations, which forces the ski school to respond to these new models to remain competitive.

Digital technology allows ski schools to offer online booking of lessons. This is one of the first advantages of a ski school software. The aim is to make the planning, booking and sales processes more efficient. For example, it is possible to increase productivity by automating online sales. It is also possible to interact with staff and guests with automated emails and notifications.

Ski school software is a powerful technological tool to simplify operations and increase revenue. In addition, you can manage your school remotely from a computer or phone. In conclusion, it's less effort, less paperwork, more profit

Yoplanning : ski school software

Yoplanning is a software designed for ski schools with an online planning and booking system. The software makes the activity of guides and instructors very easy to manage.

What would you do if you no longer had to edit your invoices by hand? If your lessons were booked from your website? What if it was just a click away to change a ski lesson and let everyone know?

Setting up an account is quick, taking less than 20 minutes, and access to the basic account is free for life.

Let Yoplanning manage everything for you, you will save hours and hours every week!

Online booking 24 hours a day - 7 days a week

A schedule that fills itself

Easier communication

Easier billing

Secure online payments

Smart notifications

Available on computer, mobile and tablet

Simplicity at your fingertips. Fluid and intuitive, Yoplanning was designed for people who do not like computers.

Don't waste time giving your ski school a boost: install Yoplanning for free !

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