Online planning: how to do it?

Oct 18, 2021

Do you spend a lot of time on Excel or answering the phone to manage your bookings and your schedule? Are you still hesitating to switch to an online booking schedule? Here are four good reasons to switch to an online schedule and save time every day.

So how do you make an online plan?

Saving valuable time

The first reason to switch to an online planner is to save time. No more repetitive tasks and especially no more lost papers.... You can also gather your customers' information automatically in one place without having to search for it each time.

A rigorous organisation

An online schedule allows you to improve your organisation and anticipate your needs and those of your customers. Your staff is also notified of any changes in real time, making it easier to collaborate and manage your teams. In most cases, online scheduling is a collaborative tool, allowing teams to work on a shared schedule.

Online booking software

Some online scheduling software provides you with turnkey solutions that do not require complex installation, allowing you to keep control of your interface. In addition, customers can book from your website, which is a considerable management advantage, so you can concentrate on other tasks

Backup of your data

Using an online schedule also allows you to keep and save your customer data and the history of your actions. Indeed, working on an online schedule, all modifications and changes are recorded so it is easy to find what happened or to go back on a precise history.

Example: online planning software

Yoplanning is an online planning and booking software. It is an online tool especially designed for online planning. You can also manage payments in a simplified way or customise the interface of the booking module. Finally, with Yoplanning, you have a real time control of the availabilities, so you save time since the software synchronizes automatically.

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