Tips: sharing an online diary

Feb 22, 2019

Managing an online diary has always been a difficult task in the corporate world. It is a recurrent topic, we have all had a difficult experience in planning a shared event or meeting. Yet the online agenda makes teamwork easier and more efficient. It helps companies to be more productive and work more efficiently as a team. In 2019 we see that web-based tools tools have certainly improved individual productivity, but teamwork tasks are still a major source of wasted time and energy when planning. There are several web-based solutions, which we will compare.

Why share an online diary?

According to a recent study, planning between colleagues, friends, companies and family is often a waste of time. It is difficult to know everyone's availability in advance. We spend a lot of energy and time planning.

This applies to both personal and business meetings. For example, in a business context, it is recommended to use an online agenda to set up a meeting and coordinate the availability of each participant.

Theonline shared diary therefore saves time and facilitates teamwork, covering all essential needs through an intuitive solution.

The online diary is practical for organising appointments with colleagues, employees and, in a private setting, with family and friends. You can share your availability with the people you have chosen in advance. It is a professional and personal organisation assistant, the online diary is a real pocket tool that is indispensable in everyday life.


Good tips for creating an online diary. What more could you want?

How to create an online diary?

The aim is to help you create an online diary in order to optimise your time. On the internet it is not easy to find the solution on the market that fully meets our problems. We are going to explain you how to create an online agenda from a simple and intuitive solution.

It is important to have an online diary that can be integrated into your website and shared with your team members: it must be collaborative.

To benefit from the advantages of a shared diary, the tool must be integrated and easy to use so that the power of teamwork can be harnessed.

Among all the online diary systems, the choice is not easy... We propose a non-exhaustive checklist that can help you make your choice:


  • Online availability planning
  • Collaborative mode
  • Multi-user and multi-rights
  • 1, 3 and 7 day view
  • Shared agenda per project
  • Synchronisation with personal agendas
  • Email invitation system
  • Two-step account creation
  • Connection with other calendars
  • Planning events
  • Multiple time zones
  • Multilingual
  • Customisation of the schedule (colours, photos, etc.)
  • Possibility to share the link of your agenda
  • Print module
  • Statistics and reporting


Yoplanning : a free online diary

Yoplanning is a software designed to create a shared online agenda, organize your appointments easily and save time.

Setting up an account is quick, taking less than 5 minutes, and access to the basic account is free for life.

This software allows you to simply organise and facilitate your work on an online calendar.

Let Yoplanning manage everything for you, you will save hours and hours every week!

Easy to use
Save time: automatic schedule management
Email notifications
Online appointment scheduling integration
Shared calendar
Event management
Organise your appointments Simply
Available on mobile


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