All the tips to optimize your Google My Business listing!

May 9, 2022

Since the acceleration of digital technology, it has become essential to fill in and update your My Business page, for various reasons which will be detailed below. To give you an idea of what My Business is Google My BusinessMy Business is the virtual window of your company. From now on, filling in the required information is not enough to optimise your presence. So, if you are wondering how to fill in your listing, the rest of this article should give you everything you need.

What is Google My Business?

Before explaining how to fill in a Google My Business listing, let's go over what it is. This tool was set up in 2014, it has become more important with the rise of digital and also so that Google can offer the best navigation for Internet users. The aim is to provide as much information as possible so that your business is suggested in the first search results. Thus, a user who is looking for a business that offers the services you offer will have a better chance of finding you, hence the importance of having a well-filled out listing.

Who is Google My Business for and what are the benefits?

The good news with Google My Business is that no matter how big, small or medium sized your business is, you can access this service in an unlimited way and it is free. As explained before, you have everything to gain by using this tool, starting with the referencing, certainly the most important, but other advantages are well present as the increase of your turnover, the acquisition of new prospects, no expenses to foresee. In addition, by adding a simple url on your profile, you can see your traffic increase. Finally, it is an opportunity to have a positive reputation for your company, provided that you take care of the customer reviews, as this can turn out to be to your disadvantage.

Tips for completing and updating your Google My business listing

This is the part you've all been waiting for when it comes to filling in and updating a Google My business listing. Indeed, you will discover that filling in only the required information is not enough to boost your referencing. You have to fill in and update important fields to allow users to find you quickly. If you want to create your account from scratch, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Google My business site, click on the start button, and then sign in with your Google account.
  • Fill in the name of your school and click on Next.
  • You need to fill in precisely the information related to your establishment, check the options proposed according to your services.
  • The next step is to choose the category of your establishment, which is important because Google will use this information for referencing but also for your customers (you can change the category at any time).
  • Then enter the url and phone number of your establishment.
  • You can then choose if you want to receive information from Google or not, then validate your listing.
  • Google will validate your establishment with your validation code either by post or on your phone depending on the method you select.

Once you have validated your establishment, here are some tips to optimise your listing:

  • Leave customer reviews on your website, they give your business more credibility and make it easier for your customers to visit you or call you for more information. Respond to reviews as well, to show your trust in your customers.
  • Add photos of your business inside or outside to encourage your customers to visit your business, opt for quality photos and videos, call in a professional if necessary.
  • If you have a logo or a cover image, feel free to use it.
  • A little used but important feature to show the update of your page is the "post" section which allows you to communicate on events or offers of your products.


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