Airbnb Experiences: synchronising your calendar

Aug 8, 2019

AirBnb, founded in 2007 by Americans, allows individuals to rent out all or part of their own home as a place to stay. The site offers an online online booking and puts the host and the traveller in contact. Since 2016AirBnb has introduced new services such as AirBnb Experiences competing with travel agencies.

The service of AirBnb Experiences service offers hundreds of activities and tours in most cities where the platform is available. This allows activity and leisure providers to list their offers and experiences, thus creating a new customer acquisition channel.

A popular question is how to synchronise a calendar AirBnb Experiences with another one?


AirBnb Experiences - calendar synchronization

Why synchronise an AirBnb Experiences calendar

In the context of the growth of tourism activities, service providers are using sales platforms: Airbnb Booking, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Viator, Musement, Getyourguide...etc. They use these platforms to resell their activities. The multitude of sales channels makes planning very complicated. Indeed, the service provider must connect to the back office of each platform. It is difficult to keep his availability up to date. 

A ski school that sells on its own website and on other platforms (AirBnb Experiences) has difficulty keeping track of its bookings. The risk of overbooking is high. The solution to manage availability efficiently is to use a single, connected and synchronised schedule.

How to synchronise an Airbnb calendar Experiences

Calendar synchronisation allows you to keep the availability of your upcoming experiences up to date automatically. If you publish your listing on other websites, you can avoid travellers booking on the same dates. By synchronising your Airbnb Experiences calendar with your other calendars, you can avoid overbooking.

In order to synchronize your AirBnb Experiences calendar you need to use a third party calendar. That is, a calendar that is synchronized with the other websites you use. 

Scenario: I want to synchronise the availability of all my calendars, e.g. Google Calendar, in order to keep my inventory up to date. 

We have found the solution that meets this need. You just have to create a free account on You can then connect the different websites on which you want to publish your experiences. The planning system takes care of the rest, it updates the availability in real time on all the websites.

Yoplanning: a connected, multi-site calendar

Yoplanning is a software designed for professionals to help them distribute their offers in several websites with an advanced synchronisation system. The software is also designed for the creation of websites with an online booking system.

If you are looking to connect your AirBnb Experiences calendar and Google calendar, simply create an account on Yoplanning. Setting up the account is quick, it takes less than 20 minutes and access to the basic account is free for life.

This software allows you to simply sell your services online on your own website and with all your partners. The distribution and availability of your offers is based on Yoplanning's unique planning system, which sends information on remaining spaces to other sites. 

Let Yoplanning manage everything for you, you will save hours and hours every week!

  • Online booking 24 hours a day - 7 days a week;
  • Follow-up of reservations;
  • Multi-calendar synchronization;
  • Sending email notifications;
  • Managing contingencies;
  • Secure online payment and reminder management;
  • Collaborative planning;
  • Customer management;
  • Available on mobile.

Don't waste time giving your sales a boost: install Yoplanning for free !

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