Online booking widget: new version

May 3, 2017

Your online booking module: automatic update

The Widget gets a facelift

With the new online booking widgets that you can customise and that adapt to your schedule, it is the assurance to boost your visibility. So, make your customers' browsing experience easier with the booking modules. Don't worry about the technicalities, we've taken care of them to be ready to use.

Discover the benefits of upgrading your online booking module:

Discover the benefits of upgrading your online booking module:

- All your availability on a clickable calendar

- An intuitive booking basket

- A step-by-step buying process

- Faster loading times

. More user-friendly design of client and administrator interface

. 100% mobile responsive 

How to update it? You don't have to do anythingThe update is automatic in your back office and on the website.

Nostalgic for the old display? You can choose between list mode and calendar mode by checking the option in the back office of the online booking module.

If you don't have an online booking module yet and would like to automate your bookings, please contact us: we will take care of you.

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