How to install a free WordPress online booking plugin?

Oct 7, 2020

You want to allow your visitors to book or to make an appointment online. This service is becoming more and more important in the current context. A poor online booking system can be detrimental to your business. If you choose the right pluginIf you choose the right plugin, your existing website will be able to accept online appointments and reservations with or without payment. In this article, we will introduce you to a plugin wordpress plugin for online booking the booking engine from Yoplanning.

How to choose the best plugin?

What is the purpose of a wordpress online booking plugin?

A wordpress plugin is an essential tool to enhance certain elements of your wordpress website. A plugin, also known as an "extension" or "addon" is a module that is added to your website to provide additional functionality without the need for coding. There is a very large number of plugins to meet all needs. It is a very quick solution to improve the capabilities of your website. 

Most of these plugins are free, but some are not. The wordpress plugin can be downloaded and once activated on your website, it allows you to bring new features to your site. 

For example, if you want to make online reservations, you need to download a wordpress online reservation plugin and install it in your website. 


Booking engine Yoplanning : wordpress plugin for online booking

Yoplanning's booking engine is a wordpress plugin designed to manage online booking. The extension makes online booking management simple and accessible. 

This wordpress online booking plugin is a free module with nearly 5000 active users. The setup interface is easy and fast (less than 20 minutes).

Once the plugin is installed, let the tool manage it for you, you will save hours and hours each week. You will have time to focus on developing your brand and/or business.

*Online booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

*A schedule that fills itself upEasy communication

*Easy to invoice 

*Secure online payments

*Intelligent notifications

*Available on computer, mobile and tablet

Simplicity at your fingertips. Fluid and intuitive, the Yoplanning online booking wordpress plugin was designed for people who don't like computers. 

Don't waste time giving your website a boost: install Yoplanning for free !

To go further, new tips: how to create an online schedule?

Installation of wordpress plugin for online booking

It is possible to access the plugin directory directly from the wordpress administration. To do this, go to Extensions > Add from the side menu.

Search for the plugin by typing in the search bar: Booking engine Yoplanning

You can download the .zip file of your online booking plugin by following this link. 

Go to Extensions > Add again. This time, click on the Upload Extension button:

Then select the .zip file of your plugin on your computer, and click on Install :

Once the plugin is installed, click also on Activate extension to activate it.

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