Consumer expectations for online planning

Mar 11, 2022

Whatever your activity and with time, online planning has become almost indispensable to facilitate your daily tasks and save you time. Indeed, many solutions offer you online booking, accounting etc... If you want to adopt an online booking schedule and understand the expectations of the consumer on an online booking schedule, I invite you to continue reading, this article should interest you!

The advantages of an online schedule

Before getting into the heart of the matter, here is a small overview of the advantages of adopting an online schedule. Indeed, if you are hesitating or if you don't have yet a turnkey solution that can simplify your daily life and this whatever your activity, small or medium-sized company, the following elements can I hope give you an idea or clarify your doubts.

  • Save time: no more time calling all your employees, with a few clicks, you can manage in real time the availability!
  • Increased productivity: with time, your productivity is also improved, you can devote your time to priorities!
  • A 360° vision: depending on the field you are in, this advantage could concern you. Indeed, you can anticipate and foresee the periods of strong affluence and hollow, which allows you to manage your activity at best!
  • Communication will be even better: You and your employees can have access to information in real time, so you don't have to contact people individually and forget about them in the process!

Direct booking without intermediary

One of the most important consumer expectations is to be able to book your activities without intermediaries! So having an online booking solution is not enough, your website must also make customers want to come and buy your services directly. This is achieved by the quality of the photos and the detailed description of your products. Indeed, the referencing part is very important with the targeting of your keywords, you can opt for a local referencing strongly advised or national or international according to your desires. Finally, the consumer will feel confident if your site is secure and especially if he can access it without problem on smartphone or tablet (responsive design), do not forget to adjust your prices according to the competition and that the call to action is as visible as possible not to lose your users.

Time and more time

As mentioned before, time is the best friend of your Internet users. As in a restaurant, the less time you wait the better and it is in this context that the consumer's expectations are certainly the highest. So plan to make your site responsive if not already done with the principle of "mobile first" because it is primarily on the smartphone or tablet that your users will book your activities. You must also anticipate their needs by offering additional equipment or accessories for example to keep them for a long time and avoid going to the competition to find what they are looking for. Don't worry, you can set up all this on many solutions.

Too much technology kills the human

Another consumer trend for online planning that can be observed is that although technology is present, it should not replace the human side. Perhaps you have experienced buying from a well-referenced site without customer support? Make sure you have good support and check the accuracy of your contact information such as email and phone number. You can also propose a FAQ page with questions, answers or even explanatory videos depending on what you want. If you don't have a means of contact, your users will not stay on your site and will go directly to another site, hence the importance of having customer support.

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