Presentation of a new paragliding school

Dec 21, 2017

Our friend and former collaborator has decided to change his job (he talks about it in his website And obviously, we support him. Here is what he has to say:

Paragliding : his project

In response to a double refusal from the FONGECIF Rhône-Alpes to his request for help in financing a CIF (Individual Training Leave) to become a paragliding instructor, Sébastien Schropff, a 34 year old from Chamonix, is taking the destiny of his reconversion into his own hands and is appealing to the generosity of the public to help him realize his dream through a crowdfunding campaign: gifts (paragliding flights, websites, lunches...) are offered in exchange for donations.

Why this change?

Have you ever woken up one morning and said to yourself that your job doesn't suit you anymore? That what you were doing didn't make sense? If so, you understand what I've been feeling for the past few months. If so, I hope you've had a revelation just like me. In short, I'm having more and more trouble with my salaried job: increasingly unrealistic objectives, long hours, and above all, to enrich others... a burnout incubator. Like many, I need meaning and fulfillment. I aim for a more serene and fulfilled future.

The origin of a passion

My father, a paragliding instructor, made me fly tandem at the age of 2 and taught me to practice alone at the age of 12. At almost 35, following in the footsteps of my father and my brother, teaching my passion is a logical outcome that all those who are close to me push me to achieve: the realization of a dream.

As a proof of my motivation and since the entrance to the training program required - among many other criteria - results in competition, I finished 1st of the "Rookies" of the Federal Distance Cup 2016-2017 and 75th in the general ranking on 2500 pilots

The final word

In the end, who am I? A guy like you, no more and no less (it also works if you're a chick 😉 ).
I'm looking for fulfillment and happiness. I can't stand the "subway-work-sleep-real-estate-gamins-retirement" (good for those who are happy with it, don't get me wrong, I respect them: it's just not my thing). I don't want to regret at 80 years old not having tried, not having had time for myself, my passions or my loved ones. For not having contributed something useful to others in my life. I don't want regrets. I would still prefer remorse. In short, I like to get out of my confidence zone. Try it too: you'll see, it makes you rich!

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