Application for paragliders !

May 16, 2017

Skymove : the app that will become your best friend

SKYMOVE launches the carpooling application for paragliders on June 01, 2017!
They will take advantage of the departure of the "BORNES TO FLY" in Talloires to officially launch this new tool dedicated exclusively to paragliders throughout France.

But what is Skymove?

SKYMOVE is the answer to the needs of paragliders;
Carpooling and recovery of vehicles, free application, an option to trigger emergency alerts with the sending of the GPS position but also the referencing of all paragliding sites in France, orientation, beacons and weathero....
And that's not all.... The geolocation and the referencing of all the paragliding stores in the vicinity, schools, accommodation for paragliders, snacks, bars, restaurants to eat, drink a foam and exchange.
More? Yes, always more for you!
A website in addition to the application to also discover other spots, organize your future trip and / or exchange with friends to spend a few days together on beautiful sites not yet frequented.
Then do not hesitate to contact them!
SKYMOVE In flight ... And you?



Skymove Carpooling

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