YoPlanning becomes a member of the Grow Spot

Jul 4, 2019

Launched in 2018 and founded by business leaders, the Grow Spot is the first gas pedal in the Savoie region. It enables start-ups to rapidly accelerate their growth. The Grow Spot community provides coworking spaces (paying according to the case), coaching (offered), support of experts (paying), relational networks and support of the whole local institutional ecosystem of growth to businesses.

GrowSpot-Yoplanning - New member

David's pitch convinced the committee members

As part of Yoplanning's growth and acceleration, Davidson, the founder, went to pitch at the Grow Spot to defend his vision and the importance of his project in the startup eco-system of the Rhône-Alpes region. He was able to show the committee that the company's project is based on a strong digital component and a real desire to move forward with the gas pedal, in a spirit of sharing and exchange. The GrowSpot will provide its expertise and support in its development and growth prospects.

For more information, you can visit the incubator's website: http://www.legrowspot.com

Startup of the Albertville basin at the Grow Spot

It all started in the early 2000s, when David Grandadam became director of a ski school in the French Alps. Frustrated by the limitations of the paper agenda, he decided to use his computer skills to create a schedule that could be consulted from any computer or smartphone.

The word of mouth helping, the tool is quickly adopted by other professionals. David then decided to create the company Vakario in Savoie to develop and market his Yoplanning software. The team, despite limited financial means, succeeded in opening two international offices in Brussels and Montreal.

It reaches a clientele spread all over the world: Japan, Vietnam, New Caledonia, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France and especially in Canada where it is becoming increasingly successful. In order to accelerate its growth, Yoplanning and its team decided to join a gas pedal. Naturally, the company turned to local players and met the Grow Spot. Having been born in Savoie proved to be an asset for the company: proximity.

The gas pedal: a tool for growth and progression

In the startup world, the hardest thing is to see entrepreneurs who have put tons of hours of work into their project fail. And yet this is what happens in the majority of cases, 90% of startups fail according to the article by Bram Krommenhoek. This is also the reason why not everyone starts an entrepreneurial venture.

There are tons of reasons why startups fail. It's important to remember that the primary goal of the startup is to stop being a startup.To grow and progress their startup, founders should not hesitate to surround themselves with people and seek advice. For this, startup gas pedals are particularly effective. 

In the tech world and even more so in SAAS models, profitability is a very difficult CAP to reach and I'm not talking about freemium models. For the CEO, the first few years are more like a race for funding than anything else: he has to cover the commercial and technical development costs necessary to reach the famous break even point. 

Once the startup has demonstrated traction, it's time to accelerate its growth . In this sense it is valuable to be able to join a gas pedal. Beware that the admission process can be difficult and long. 

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